Chandelier Succulent Co.

The Chandelier Succulent Co. only started in 2018, but my love for arts and crafts and design started many moons ago. I probably got my love for creating from my grandmother who was a tailor and designer. She passed away when I was about 2 years old and luckily my mother had kept her sewing machine and materials. I remember trying to figure out how the sewing machine worked, so I could be just like grandma. I broke the needle several times. I didn't give up though and surprisingly didn't get in trouble! What I did discover was how much joy I found in trying to make clothes for my stuffed animals, which then randomly grew into creating nail designs in middle school, which lead to drawing my own cartoon characters in high school, learning macrame, making jewelry, back to clothing and so on. I never stopped finding ways to create as a hobby. 

Today, I'm so excited to turn my hobby for crafts into a business that not only is a part of my heart, but brings happiness to others in the simplist of ways. I design succulent decor with both real and faux succulents. My faux succulents have a ton of color and of course are simple to maintain. Some of the items are DIY do to the material mixing during shipping. Others are made and ready without assembly. The real succulents are raised in California and have had time to grow in their small environments to help ensure their longevity and resilience.

My biggest focus is designing for special events such as weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers and more. Most of my designs are done on a small scale, however larger succulent bouquets can be an option. To find out more information about The Chandelier Succulent Co. just click on the link CSC.

Photographer: Michael D'Ambrosia

CNN: Op Ed

Arianne Zucker. Yes, I am the girl in the Access Hollywood video that caused huge controversy last October 2016 during the presidential campaign. It’s definitely not the glamorous title I was dreaming about when I was a little girl. However, in 2004, I was asked by the show I was on at the time to welcome the Access Hollywood Bus with then, citizen Donald Trump and host Billy Bush. My job was to greet the guests, walk them into the studio where we would be filming and cross promote three television shows.

Why the explanation? To be very clear that I was there to fulfill a job. I could never predict the things that would be said prior to their arrival. Once, then citizen Trump and Billy Bush got off the bus, work began. Of course, being surrounded by 25 crew members, cameras and a busy schedule, there was no unusual behavior.

Now that the Access Hollywood tape has emerged again I am puzzled for this reason: Just from experience, anyone who has ever been on television before with a microphone pinned to them, should always assume that someone is listening and when you get caught speaking poorly about someone at least own up to it. People ask me, “Do I need an apology from either now President Trump or Billy Bush”? Well, that would be the appropriate thing to do. Am I loosing sleep over it? NO. I refuse to let a situation such as this take my emotional power away. You are who you allow yourself to be and I did not let this event affect who I am as a woman, mother, daughter, friend and partner to a great man.

This is a completely personal opinion, but I feel the ones who feel the need to lie or to use their power over us are really just fearful. Fearful of their ego being bruised, fearful that they will be wrong about something, fearful that people will figure out who they really are.  When a predator feels superior it is so easy to pick on those who don’t bite back. I feel predators at one time in their life have been bullied or harassed or possibly even assaulted to then only project it on to someone else later on in life.

I have been assaulted myself and I have spent a great deal of time healing from the emotional and physical abuse. Now, I have no fear and no one will ever do that to me again.  Today, we have to ask the difficult question, “What do we do now”? What do we do as we hear all of these horrendous stories of men in powerful positions taking advantage of people and refusing to accept the consequences of their actions? Well, my hope, my goal for writing this piece is for everyday women and the good men in this world to build each other up and to recognize those who have been harassed and to prevent anymore from happening. We are powerful in numbers and it takes courage to do so. We need to unify in our home and work place to protect, rescue and save one another. There is no denying that we will change the pattern and leave no more uncertainty if someone will believe us or not. We can be heroes for each other no matter how big or small the feat. If the people in power won’t make the difference then the everyday citizen can and will. But it takes fortitude. It takes one brave person to start the process wherever you are, wherever you work and wherever you live. It is an unbelievable time we are living in and an extraordinary time for women to step into the light and stand where we always should have been. Equal to any man.

Arianne Zucker

 Documentary: South Africa

This documentary is about how we started ARROW-HEART Adventure Camps (formerly know as LifeCHANGE). Our mission is to enrich teens lives through outdoor adventure and creating life experience for the better.
Directed by: Jason Cook Executive Produced by: Arianne Zucker Co-Creator: Todd Zucker