Arianne Zucker

Three-time Emmy-nominated actress Arianne Zucker has played many roles, but she is best known for the character of Nicole Walker on NBC’s hit daytime drama, “Days of Our Lives”.  Arianne played the role from 1998-2017 and 2018-present.  Zucker has aired in over 1600 episodes, multiple movies, and new media programming giving her 1000’s of hours experienced screen time.

Arianne began her career in modeling when she was 16 years old. She soon traveled to Paris, France after winning her first modeling contest. From there she has traveled to Australia, Japan landing herself New York City.  During this time, Arianne also booked several national commercials such as Mazda Miata and McDonald’s.

During her career on Days of Our Lives, Arianne also began to generate work in primetime television by landing the role of Brenda Collette in CSI:Miami (2006). Her work was noticed by writer Karen Harris, (General Hospital, All MY Children) and was asked to play the role Winnifred Marshall in “Life in General” (2008). As web series began to become popular, “Devantiy”, an Emmy-nominated web series chose Arianne to guest star as Julie Regis (2013) as the uptight sister of Andrew Regis, the ruthless jewelry scion.  In 2018, Arianne won an Independent Series Award for her role as Clara in “ Ladies of the Lake”. Zucker also has been fortunate to play different characters for multiple Lifetime movies such as “Killer Assistant, Web Cam Girls, Ex-Wife Killer and His Perfect Obsession.

In the year of 2016, during the presidential election, Zucker found herself in the center of a controversy with then, Republican nominee, Donald Trump and Billy Bush over some unsavory words said about women known as "The Access Hollywood Tapes". Keeping her composure, she aired on Anderson Cooper and wrote an Op Ed for CNN. Without allowing  these circumstances to change her or what she strives for in her career, Zucker continues to move forward.

While in between acting jobs, Arianne keeps herself quite busy. She co-created the non-profit organization ARROW-HEART Adventure Camps in September of 2007 with her brother Todd Zucker. The organization operates out of a small town in Weiser, Idaho. The camp enriches teen’s lives through outdoor adventure. ARROW-HEARTS biggest adventure so far was creating a short documentary on the camp in South Africa in 2012. One of Zucker’s most recent joys  is a small on-line store called The Chandelier Succulent Company. “Living in California with a major drought taught me how to raise plants that are drought tolerant. I started making gifts for friends in recycled glass jars and of course they suggested I sell them. I’m looking forward to seeing The Chandelier Succulent Company grow (pun intended)”. Zucker has recently become VP of Operations for Lux Soul Traveler.  Lux Soul creates travel and lifestyle content for social media outlets.

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